President of China, Xi Jinping has recently discovered a European country that is not concerned about China’s rising global clout or even its desires to lead the future of technology.

Moreover, Xi had visited a very small Mediterranean territory (Monaco) Sunday as a part of his European tour that has been clouded by diverse approaches with regards to the China’s benefits from its trade – despite setting the limits over its desire for better economic as well as political influences.

Xi’s presence together with the Monaco’s Prince Albert & his Princess Charlene marks 1st visit at the state by any Chinese president to the territory. Besides, fort believed that Monaco is looking for bolstering its trade as well as economic collaboration with China, deprived of providing any information over final contracts that is to be signed up.

Also, in 2018 Monaco had finalized a deal with Chinese tech giant Huawei for developing its 5G network, which is one of the sensitive issue for some European countries.

The government of United States, said that Huawei’s 5G network might probably enable Chinese security services a way out to scout on customers, also has pushed European partners to avoid this. However, Huawei finds no fear within the deal.

In addition, Monaco has forbidden all the flights within its airspace, any sailing in its waters or even mooring in its superfluity yacht-filled harbor while the Xi’s short-term visit.

The President of China will dine Sunday along with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron in the resort town of Beaulieu-sur-Mer. The meeting was securely with the help of a police boat & divers, also security cordons blocked a number of roads in Nice, where Xi’s stay was planned.

Xi is likely to enter in to an energy and other treaties with Macron, then again meeting with Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) as well as Jean-Claude Juncker (European Commission President) has been scheduled in Paris.

Additionally, European Union is China’s major trading partner, nevertheless several in Europe are concerned about imbalanced competition from companies based out of China that aids from government fiscal support.

Xi visits to Monaco & France from Italy that just permitted a huge Chinese transport project of infrastructure, the Belt as well as Initiative of Road. Macron panned step taken by Italy that called for an intensive European technique to China as an alternative.

“There is this bad European habit to have 28 different policies, with countries competing against each other to attract investment,” a top French official said. “We need to speak with a common voice if we want to exist. We have the same approach on the 5G issue: avoiding 28 different decisions.”