President of the US, Donald Trump labels the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who is of Pakistani-origin as “nasty” & “stone cold loser”. As soon as, he lands there on 3rd June along with his wife Melania & support of his people for a 3-day visit. Trump’s visit to the state has been hosted by Queen Elizabeth II.

Trump would meet the members of the Noble Family. Also, is likely to talk over the climate change & Chinese technology firm Huawei.  In the course of his discussions with leaving Prime Minister Theresa May.

Merely a few moments afore his Air Force One touches down in the Stansted Airport, Trump tweeted in his typical style, attacking Mayor of London Khan. Also, with whom he had conflicted earlier as well, calling him “nasty” and “stone-cold loser”.

“Sadiq Khan who had by all means done a poor job as a Mayor of London is irrationally “nasty”. To the visiting President of the US, certainly the most significant partner of the UK. He is a stone-cold loser who needs to focus over the crime in London, not me,” he says.

Trump compares 48-year-old Khan with the Mayor of New York de Blasio. Who also has done alike “terrible work”.

Khan lately named Trump as a fascist as well as an acrimonious figure. Moreover, Trump should not be given the pomp & ceremony accompanying the UK state visit.

Protests are been strategic all over the United Kingdom over the course of his visit. That includes in London, Belfast, Manchester, and Birmingham. Also, a giant balloon portraying Trump as a baby, who is towards taking to the skies again over London, in a reappearance of his last visit to the UK in 2018.