Privacy Policy

What connects you and us so strongly is the credibility that you have bestowed in us. We respect your engagement with our website and the trust you put in us while interacting with us which involves exchange of your personal and work information. Our privacy policy will give you a clear idea of how the information that you share with us is useful to both our and your benefit.

Yes, we need your information!
Data collection is the first step of interaction between you and us. Time and again you will be asked for your personal information like email address, name and contact number. Kindly be carefree while sharing it with us. It is only to avoid any kind of technological mishap and illegal misconduct. You information will be rightly used to keep you updated with all the changes taking place on our website.
Along with your personal information is also essential we know some technical information as well. During your interaction with us through our website, information like your computer’s IP address, browser details, time and date of your visit and other essential will be accessed.

Cookies anyone?
Small data files called cookies are sent to your browser when you visit our website. These files are essential for analytical and diagnostic purposes. They help us make our services efficient and track required information for further development. You have the liberty to block the cookies and switch the notification off. The kind of cookies that might appear on your browser while going through website are preference cookies, security cookies and session cookies.

We use your information diligently!
The information you share with us only helps us do our job better. It specifies our objective and bring the right information to you. It helps us maintain our website, server and keep you notified with any changes happening. It helps us keep you engaged with us for all the right reasons. Your information also helps us identify the correct support required for your efficient use. Every big and small technical issue can also be solved if we have your correct information with us.

We do not believe in disclosures!
We respect your privacy and our policy abides by a non-disclosure clause. All individual’s personal and technical information shared with us remains secured with us. We take necessary precaution that save us any kind of technological breaches and misconducts.

Change is inevitable!
This privacy policy also implies that it is subject to change periodically. Your constant engagement with our website will keep you notified with any change that is made in this policy regarding your important information and data shared with us.