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Proposal for New Health care Plan for Infants

As per the trusted sources of information, as Kayla Kjelshus’s first child was born, the kid spent around seven days in the neonatal intensive care unit, which is also known as the NICU. This experience not only has been stressful for the family but also caused a financial crisis.

Owing to the obscure Health insurance policy which is named as “Birthday rule”, the family has to go through a financial issue caused due to the unexpected charge of over USD 200,000 for the child’s stay for seven days in NICU.In recent times, as mentioned by the NPR and Kaiser Health News in their story about this couple, new parents are less likely to go through such situations which caused financial uncertainty .

The lawmakers make regulations which would offer more control to the parents when they are picking a Health insurance policy for their new born child.The old birthday rule will be eliminated in the new law proposed and it gives an idea about how the companies pick the primary insurer for a child when both the parents are been covered under same plan.

The rule must state that the parent whose birthday comes first in the calendar has to cover the new born baby’s Health insurance with their first plan which is already in action. For the family of Kjelshuses, Mikkel would be the one whose Health insurance would cover the child’s Health care cost even if his plan was quite less generous and belonged to a different state.

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