Nuts are known as superfoods by all. They fulfill the everyday requirements of nutrition in the healthiest way. Nuts come packed with a large number of vitamins, mineral, and unsaturated fats. Owing to their unique profile, nuts are popular as one of the healthiest of foods.

Various Nutritionists suggest beginning the day by eating nuts. Eating of Nuts between the meals is good to maintain the energy flow. There are various types of nuts that are present, however, tree nuts are the most favorable ones. This is due to its benefits of health, some nuts that we commonly consume are almonds, pistachios, cashews and walnuts among various others. Brazil nuts are another new entry in the world of nuts.

What are Brazil Nuts?

Brazil nut comes from the Amazon rain forest of South America in Brazil and Peru. It grows in Bertholletia excels, it is also known as Brazil nut tree. Basically, it is an edible seed rather than a nut. Eating of this in raw or roasted/blanched form. The Brazilian nut encircles in a huge and tough shell, which will need to be broken and opened. 

Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are smooth and buttery in texture. The taste is delicious and nutty which adds flavor to the food itself.

The Brazil nuts are the largest home of selenium, present in any edible item. Selenium is an important antioxidant and mineral helping in maintain the overall basic function of the body. It helps in ensuring the proper working of the immune system, thyroid and controls anxieties and assists cell growth among others. Consuming of selenium also gives glowing and clear skin along with soft hair.

These nuts consist of fats in adequate amounts that need to provide the required amount of energy to the body.

Owing to the less saturated fats and large content of unsaturated fats, the nuts from Brazil play an important role in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.

Similar to other nuts, it is a multi-purpose food item that is likely to go well with almost everything. It supplements the breakfast cereal, salads, and desserts. A flavor enhancer is a healthy type of a mid-day snack. Apart from health factors the nut has an extremely yummy taste and loved by all.