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Reduce the risk of Severe Covid-19 with regular activity

According to a new study published on Tuesday said that being consistently active is strongly related to a Reduced risk of Severe Covid-19. The study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and looked at nearly 50,000 adults.

The research found that those who met the target of the US Department of Health and Human Services’ physical activity guidelines of at least 150 minutes per week of moderate to active physical activity which reduced incidences of hospitalization, ICU admission and death due to Covid-19 illness.

Physical activity can boost immune function, reduce systemic inflammation, increase pulmonary and cardiovascular health, and improve mental health. Indeed, acute Covid illness is just one of the many potential negative impacts of sedentary behaviour, a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke and some cancers.

To date, the risk factors for severe Covid-19, include being of advanced age, being male, and having underlying comorbidities, such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. To reach the 150-minute exercise threshold over a week, you need to exercise just under 22 minutes daily.A brisk walk is one of the most underrated, health-boosting, fat-burning exercises available to humankind. The physical activity guidelines don’t specify that people need to exercise in large chunks of time each day.

A 2016 study, showed that the ideal daily exercise target was 60 to 75 minutes. However, more recent research disproved those previous studies, finding that they were based on self-reported data that was flawed due to people misremembering their actual activity levels. An effective, heart-healthy way to get in those minutes is with a quick interval training session consisting of four rounds of five exercises done for one minute each. These exercises could include body-weight exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, hip bridges and jumping jacks.

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