President of the US Donald Trump states that although India has been reducing its import tariff over American motorcycles. That too from approximately 100 % to 50 %, it has still been extremely high as well as isn’t acceptable by him.

Trump says that the US, under his governance, has turned as a nation that cannot be tricked now.

“We are not the silly nation that prepares so poorly. You eye at India, a very decent friend of ours. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India needs to observe at what they have done. Moreover, imposing a 100 % tax on a motorcycle is not good. When we do not charge them anything at all,” Trump informs in an interview.

Trump was mentioning the import tariff that has been levied over the Harley Davidson motorcycles. This is an issue that is very close to his heart as well as requires India to cut it to nil.

“So, as soon as Harley is sent over there, they get about 100 % tax. But, when India sends in they receive an incredible quantity of motorcycles with zero tax. I spoke to him. I told that it’s not at all acceptable, Trump states, denoting to his discussion with the Indian Prime Minister.

“Narendra Modi has cut down it almost by 50 % with a single phone call. However, he believes that this is yet not acceptable. Since this is 50 % against nothing. Which is still not acceptable. And they are already working over it,” he further states. Also, representing that 2 nations have still been under the process of resolving the issues regarding import tariffs over the motorcycles of America.

“However if I didn’t, in case we did not have the supremacy of what we take.  As well as if we were not bank–well, if we were not the bank we would not even remain speaking regarding it. Since none one would at all care. Nevertheless, we are the bank which everyone wants to take from.