Refined flour also commonly known as Maida doesn’t have any nutritive value but then doesn’t also have a lot of calories. It prepares from wheat grain comprising of various nutrients in large quantities, for instance, vitamins, fiber, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese as well as selenium. In the process of production, the essential fiber content is eradicating for making the flour with zero nutrients.

The bleaching process provides this flour a white color that makes it pleasing to the eyes. Nevertheless, it has got several harmful effects, especially for our health. Some are been listed below:

  • Leads to weight gain

It is proven that maida is not capable of keeping you full for a very long time. It arouses hunger as well as pushes you to binge more. Also, it has a high amount of carbohydrates that upturns secretion of insulin that leads towards weight gain & obesity. Also, maida is high on the glycemic index that has been associated with overeating.

  • Presence of SMBS

Food items prepared with refined flour also utilizes a dangerous chemical known as Sodium Meta Bisulphate (SMBS) & Benzoic acid which might be hazardous for pregnant ladies as well as kids.

  • Refined flour & diabetes

As per the professionals, refined flour is rich in alloxan, a compound that prompts diabetes. It is also verified that refined flour has a high amount of glycemic index that discharges sugar in the blood & further spears insulin. Consistent consumption of flour might cause inflammation, also type-2 diabetes.


The production process of refined flour makes it harmful to the human body. As per the experts, consumption in control is not that harmful dangerous however, over-consumption of refined flour might lead to weight gain along with damaging the liver & kidney.