The market for video as well as electronic games across the globe is anticipated to generating approximately $152.1 billion by the end of 2019. Moreover, the numbers are almost up by 9.6 % from the previous years as gaming morphs in the content & communication. This has been mentioned in the recent report by the gaming analytics corporation Newzoo.

This is “the overall junction of unlike types of digital activity coming altogether,” states Peter Warman in an interview. He is the chief executive of the firm based in the Netherlands.

Since the games are becoming apparently omnipresent, they have been revolving into technology for connectivity. Moreover, letting the players for chatting along with the friends as well as meeting new people. Furthermore, Fortnite publisher Epic Games Inc, specifically is of view that the gaming can possibly be a better communication platform.

In addition, Facebook Inc has been introducing its individual games via its WhatsApp Inc, Facebook  & Messenger apps. Likewise, Tencent Holding Ltd’s has been doing via WeChat in China.

Recently, in June Zynga Inc, has introduced a novel game of battle royale. The company is the developer of Words With Friends as well. The game is exclusively available over the novel gaming podium of Snap Inc, which is the home for Snapchat a messaging app.

In the year 2019, the US will be taking over China for the biggest market of gaming in terms of revenues. That is approximately $36.9 billion v/s $36.5 billion – owing to the rising gaming console. Also, the control of Fortnite across America as well as the echo of the last legislative freeze over fresh games in China.

Additionally, companies in Japan have also started reappearing, partially as a result of nostalgia meant for retro games.