As per scientist, the University of East Anglia, group effort with colleagues from Harvard describes eating a cup of blueberries. However, a cup of blueberries every day is reducing the factors of risk for cardiovascular disease.

However, a team of scientists from UEA, Department of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine, Norwich Medical School is mentioning about blueberries. It mentions that blueberries and other berries are present in the dietary strategies decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Although, the team is observing eating blueberries is having an effect on Metabolic Syndrome, affecting adults. It is having risk factors such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, low level of good cholesterol, extra body fat in the waist and a large level of triglycerides.

However, lead scientist Prof Aedin Cassidy, UEA’s Norwich Medical School mentions about the metabolic syndrome is substantially increasing the risk. Hence, the threat of stroke, heart disease and diabetes and statins & medications helps in controlling the risk.

It is enormously recognizing the changes of lifestyle, comprising simple changes for food choices are helping.

As studies indicate that people are regularly eating blueberries for reducing the risk of emerging conditions like cardiovascular disease. However, it might be due to blueberries high in compounds occurring naturally like anthocyanins, accountable for the blue and red color in fruits.

Hence, on finding the eating blueberries helping people identifying the threat of developing the kind of conditions.

Although, the team is investigating the effects of eating blueberries in obese and overweight people, with the metabolic syndrome. However, the advantages of eating almost 150-gram portions are observing on comparing it to around 70-gram portions. Hence, participants are consuming blueberries in the form of lyophilization and the placebo group is given the purple-color substitute obtaining from flavorings and colors.

Dr. Peter Curtis, Co-lead mentions about finding that consuming one cup of blueberries every day in continuous enhancements arterial stiffness and vascular function. However, it is making the difference for decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease by around 12-15%.

Although, attainable and simple messages are consuming one cup of blueberries every day for improving cardiovascular health.

Surprisingly, on discovering no advantage of a lesser 70-gram daily intake of blueberries is risking the group. However, it is probable that high every day intakes are necessary for the benefits of the heart of health in obese populations.