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Sale of Fake Amazon Reviews Online in Bulk

Fake Amazon Reviews according to Which?, the UK-based consumer group, fake Amazon reviews are being sold online in bulk for Amazon’s Marketplace. The group claims to have found about ten websites selling fake reviews at £5 each. Positive reviews receive incentives in terms of money or free products. Amazon was facing an uphill struggle due to the ‘fake reviews industry.’

« We remove fake reviews and take action against anyone involved in abuse, » said an Amazon Spokesperson. Despite taking action against these fake reviews, websites are offering phony review packages. Which? Identified sale of reviews for products on Amazon’s Marketplace that violates the firm’s terms and conditions.

According to the survey by Which? There are ‘packages’ of fake reviews that sellers can buy individually at approximately £15. Bulk packages of 50 reviews are available at £620, and the prices keep increasing. More than 702,000 product reviewers have been detected in the books of five businesses. Product reviewers receive payments in return for their services. Some of the websites reviewed were also providing writing advice so that Amazon is not suspicious.

The home products and services head, Natalie Hitchins, at Which?, to look into the fake reviews issue, called the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). She said, « The regulator must crackdown on bad actors and hold sites to account if they fail to keep their users safe. If it is unable to do so, the government must urgently strengthen online consumer protections. »

An Amazon spokesperson said that it worked with other tech firms to detect the bad actors, but he thinks they cannot do it alone. He also pointed out that the regulators like CMA should have more enforcement powers.

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