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San Diego Comic-Con to Hold In-person thanksgiving

The pandemic has affected many live event businesses, especially the comic convention industry. The San Diego Comic Con has planned to host a smaller version of its annual summer event in the fall to raise funds. The dubbed special edition is slated for November 26-28 at the San Diego convention center.

The organization has planned to host this event on Thanksgiving weekend. It is planning to hold this in-person convention which is facing harsh backlash from fans and the press. Charles Soule, author of “Light of the Jedi” and Daredevil comics tweeted that the San Diego comic con is scheduled on the same weekend when people get together with their families and celebrate thanksgiving in two years. He also stated that he will see the fans in 2022.

Many voices are interrogating the organization for hosting in-person events during the major US holiday. This holiday is special to many families because many didn’t have the chance to celebrate it due to the pandemic. Many fans travel to attend the show, to talent, and who appear on the panels or signings also raised their opposition.

In the past, conventions have coincided with holidays like the WonderCon has taken place on Easter weekend, and Anime Expo typically occurs over the Fourth of July.  The San Diego Comic-Con hosting event during this pandemic has got a lot of opposition. It seems that much of the organization’s decision to host an in-person convention in 2021 is because of the cancellation of previous events which resulted in a significant financial hit.

San Diego’s tourism group estimates that $88 million is directly spent by attendees during the convention and $149 million trickles into the region’s economy. Many people attend the event from all over the world. The convention will only last for three days and limit the number of attendees.

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