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Scientists Discover the Reason for an Elongated Human Brain

Intriguing propaganda of the Elongated Human Brain was discovered by scientists on Wednesday. Imperatively, it is one of the defining attributes of our human body. Scientists recently have shed light on the reasons for the difference in the size of brains between humans and our closest primate relatives. The reason got signified by collecting cells from humans, chimps, and gorillas and turning them into lumps of the brain in the laboratory.

“What we see is a difference in cellular behavior very, very early on that allows the human brain to grow larger,” said Dr. Madeleine Lancaster, a developmental biologist at the Medical Research Council’s Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge.

The thesis of the tests on the brain organoids disclosed a hitherto unknown molecular switch that controls brain growth. The molecular switch makes the human organ three times larger than the elongated human brain. The healthy human brain reaches exponential growth three times than the brains of chimps and gorillas.

Delivering more information on the theories, Lancaster and her colleagues collected cells that often strayed back while operations from humans, chimps, and gorillas and transformed them into stem cells.  The elongation of the human brain is a vast process as scientists grow the stem cells in a specific way to transform them into brain organoids. After several weeks of standing by the procedure, the human Brain organoids were found to be the largest among the lot. On closer examination, scientists revealed that the neural progenitor cells present in the human body diversified more than the great ape brain tissue.

Mathematical modeling of the experiment shows that the difference in cell proliferation happens quite rapidly in brain development leading to the double increase in the number of neurons in the adult cerebral cortex.

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