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Shoppers at Newegg Can Now Pay with Dogecoin

Newegg, one of the leading tech-focused e-retailers in North America, celebrated Dogecoin, #DogeDay, today. It announced the company has accepted Dogecoin as an official mode of paying on It has been a company that was quick to embrace the shift to cryptocurrency. In 2014, Newegg was the first retailer to accept Bitcoin for purchases made on the platform.

Similarly, the company is also among the first to enable customers to pay with Dogecoin for their online shopping. Andrew Choi, Sr. Brand Manager of Newegg, “The excitement and momentum around cryptocurrency are undeniable, and the recent surge in Dogecoin value underscores the need to make it easier for customers to make purchases with this popular cryptocurrency. We’re committed to making it easy for our customers to shop however works best for them, and that means letting them complete transactions with the payment method that suits them best. To that end, we’re happy to give Dogecoin fans an easy way to shop online for tech.”

When customers shop on the website, they can simply choose their payment mode by clicking on the edit option in the payment section. On the checkout page, they need to select BitPay. Then, customers can complete their transactions using Dogecoin available in their digital wallet.

Newegg was founded in 2001 and has a global reach in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Latin America. The company offers a comprehensive selection of the latest consumer electronics, smart homes, gaming products, and entertainment. It is also consistently ranked to be one of the best online shopping destinations.

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