As per the US Department of health, around 50% of adults in America are struggling with avoidable chronic diseases. Several diseases were described to be related to poor eating habits and physical inactivity ranging from cardiovascular diseases to reduced bone health, to type 2 diabetes.

May and colleagues did the work showing that the total occurrence of prehypertension/ hypertension amongst the US adolescents ages within 12 and 19 were around 15%. 20% of the demography was reporting in having the borderline high or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. This study decided that the youth that is overweight or obese is inclined to cardiovascular risk. Information by Harrell and the team showed that obesity in US children is tripled within 1970. And in 2000, the threat of cardiovascular diseases has increased. The study determined by mentioning the issue of the problem of obesity rather than focusing on the problems restricted from it.


Food is important to all the human-being where the fact is not new. Furthermore, the main point is that the customers are watching a significant fact. Also, the changes in the perceptions of the customer are boosting the development of new food brands. Further, providing the need for the health-conscious customer.

As the developing technology is bringing the information to the fingertips of customers, the perspective of people on food & health to develop. Thus sophisticated customers are fueling the change in the marketplace. On the other hand, the trends witnessed in the industry are the tip of the iceberg. As customers endure claiming transparency from the food brand.

Label Insight Food Revolution Study surveyed around 1600 customers testified that around 85% of the accused are finding the value. In getting more information regarding the food products over the information on the label. 40% of the accused are eager to switch brands to approve brands providing more information. Customers carry on to discover food as the way to enhance the well-being were instructors with a strong interest in weighing food what industry requires in paying attention to maintain and attract the loyalty for the brand.


Also, customers are challenging on the impacts of food choices on the basis of ingredient sourcing, labor conditions of processors and farmers. The environmental impact of food products and the humanness of the animal living conditions. Many companies are trying to offer a direct line of conversation to customers. Where others are understanding the upsurge of customer demand for the transparency on food accordingly. By utilizing see-through or opaque packaging to display the natural constituents of the product. Moreover, packaging scrapes the surface of the customer for real transparency as it displays the response to brands as per the customer desire for the whole, recognizable and unprocessed foods. Another product is taking the cues from the packaging techniques to see from the glass jars of Gerber baby foods in setting the stage for opaque plastic pouches of the baby food products.


Food marketing is deceptive. Food companies are advertising beverages or foods making impractical health claims. Or misunderstandings of science for making products more attractive to customers. This requires to change, where information delivered to customers is reliable and accurate.