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Slack New Feature Allows you to DM anyone

Popular workplace communication and collaboration platform Slack are improving the messaging functionality. The platform will allow the users to send direct messages to any other user on the same platform. This feature is called Slack connect.

Slack lets the user send an invitation to anyone through their work email address. The recipient can accept the invitation and they are added as a new contact in the slack sidebar. This new messaging functionality turns the workplace platform into an application for messaging anyone. The feature also brings Slack on par with popular tools like Microsoft Teams.

Ilan Frank, Slack VP of product told Protocol said that whenever people wanted to get connected with their friends or family they click on WhatsApp or Facebook. They use Slack to connect with colleagues.also faces questions on keeping users safe now that it has expanded the direct messaging functionality. Some users on Twitter also pointed out a few loopholes that could potentially lead to abuse. For instance, a sender can send an invitation with foul language or send abusive messages.

The company, which is being acquired by Salesforce said it would be removing the ability to customize a message when a user invites someone to Slack Connect direct messages to address the issue. Due to the pandemic, many companies have provided work from home. The demand for services provided by and Microsoft’s Teams has gained traction as offices conduct meetings remotely.  Anne Helen Peterson said that Connect could be problematic for freelance workers or contractors, who may be given temporary access to corporate accounts but don’t necessarily have corporate emails.

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