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Slow Walkers Are More Likely To Die

The new study found People who walk slowly are more likely to Die. They are nearly four times more likely to die from Covid-19.For the study, the investigators analyzed data from more than 412,000 middle-aged Britons and found that among those whose weight was normal, slow walkers were more than twice as likely to develop severe COVID-19 and 3.75 times more likely to Die of it than those who keep a brisk pace.

Slow walking was considered to be at a speed of fewer than three miles per hour. steady speed was three to four miles per hour, and brisk at more than four miles per hour. Researchers also found slow walkers were 2.5 times more likely to develop severe Covid-19 than those in the fastest bracket. The risk was uniformly high in normal weight slow walkers and slow walkers with obesity.

Professor Yates further said Fast walkers have shown good cardiovascular and heart health, making them more resilient to external stressors, including viral infection. Obesity, walking pace and risk of severe COVID-19 and mortality analysis of UK Biobank’ was published in the International Journal of Obesity.

He also added pandemics continuing to put unprecedented strain on health care services and communities, identifying individuals at greatest risk and taking preventative measures to protect them is crucial. Large database studies have linked obesity and fragility with COVID-19 outcomes, but routine clinical databases lack data on measures of physical function or fitness.

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