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Sony PlayStation 5 to get Storage Upgrades in summer

This summer, Sony Corp. is preparing to open up it’s PlayStation 5 for internal storage upgrades. People who briefed on the plan said that the company is attempting to lift a bottleneck that prevents gamers from having more than one marquee game on their console at a time.

With a firmware update, additional drives will be enabled, which will also unlock higher cooling-fan speeds. This way, the console overheating problem can be tackled. The PlayStation 5 comes with a 667GB storage available for storing games as a solid-state drive. With most notable titles taking up at least 40 GB of space, it has become mandatory to have as much space as possible. When Call of Duty needs 133 GB, the system must provide ample storage.

The latest console by Sony has also customized the architecture that accelerates the processing and loading times. However, the typical way that gamers add storage is by plugging in an external hard drive which is practically impossible. An external hard drive can only be used on models older than the PS4. Players need to take off the plastic cover and attach a new storage unit to address the upgrade’s current limitations.

A Sony spokesperson said, « As previously announced, we are working to enable M.2 SSD storage expansion for PlayStation 5. The timing has not been announced and details will be shared later. »

Since its launch in November, the PlayStation 5 has been in high demand, with various supply chain and logistics issues preventing the Japanese electronics giant from delivering sufficient units.

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