According to the source it has reported that around 10% of the world’s population is surviving their lives from kidney disease. The kidney which is bean-shaped organ majorly performs several major functions of the body, including producing hormones to control blood pressure, filtering waste materials, and ensuring the fluid balance of the body and more.

High blood pressure, and diabetes are considered as the main causes of kidney disease and failure. Smoking, obesity, genetic reasons, age are also major factors that affect the life of kidneys. When kidneys functions performs imbalance, waste materials from food and other sources accumulate in the blood. The only solution to avoid kidney failure, is to follow a strict diet consulted by the dietician.

People who are reached the advanced stage, and suffering really hard to extend the life of kidney, need to follow ‘kidney-friendly diet’ in result to lessen the amount of waste materials mixing with blood. To maintain the kidney health, person who suffers from kidney disease should avoid or reduce the intake of food items containing potassium, phosphorous, protein, and sodium.

Here we have come up with a special diet to stay away from kidney disease:

Red Grapes: Red grapes consists of plenty of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants like flavonoids which promptly confirms the control of inflammation and maintain diabetes count. Red grapes are also good to keep a healthy heart.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower holds a plenty of Vitamins C, J, and folates like Vitamin B. Considered as a nutrient-rich vegetable, cauliflower also consists of anti-inflammatory compounds like indole and fibre.

Garlic: People suffering from kidney diseases should avoid sodium and salt intake, and prefer more garlic. Garlic is nutritive, and rick in manganese, and consists of vitamin C,B 6 and sulfur compounds.

White of egg: Eggs are mostly preferred by doctors. A person suffering from kidney disease should go for eggs once in a day. The egg yolk contains phosphorous and has to be strictly avoided. But egg white is ideal for patients following renal diet. It contains proteins and keep the kidney strong and increase immune system. Egg white is also beneficial for patients undergoing dialysis.

Olive oil: Olive oil is a good source of healthy fat especially for the person who is suffering from kidney disease. It contains a mono unsaturated fat named oleic acid which has anti-inflammatory qualities.

Cabbage: Cabbage is considered as a rich vegetable in vitamins, minerals and vegetable compounds. It has plenty of Vitamin K, C and B which ensures a healthy digestive process. Cabbage also consists of quality of insoluble fiber.