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States File New Antitrust Law against Google

As per the trusted sources of information, the state attorneys are again going after Google with an Antitrust lawsuit against the company. This time the allegation on the company is that the company abused its power over the app developers who have their applications on Android in its Play Store.

This is the fourth Antitrust lawsuit that has been lodged against the company by the government of the US over the past year. By focusing on the Play Store, the US government emphasizes Google’s business, which is the most similar to Apple’s model.

The Apple App store has emerged in a legal battle and has drawn questions of lawmakers on whether it charges unfairly to its developers of apps by the people and whether it is in favor of its app or its rival’s application on the platform led by Google.Reportedly, the attorneys general from around 36 states and the District of Columbia are coming from both the parties are considered as the plaintiffs in the recent case.

The case was filed in the Northern District of California on Wednesday. It includes several states such as Iowa, New York, Nebraska, California, North Carolina, and Colorado. As per the trusted sources of information, the complaint against the technology giant Google states that the company’s durable monopoly power is not based on competition and merits. Still, they are maintained on artificial technological and contractual conditions that Google puts on Android systems.

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