For the ones who been munching happily into those greasy fries, pizzas and chips, this is the time to monitor what you eat. As per recent French study there is an increased risk by 14% of early death for every 10% of ultra-processed food we consume. This was published in the journal JAMA Internal medicine recently.

The ultra-processed foods consists of additives and are manufactured in large scale. These categories of products are mostly snacks, desserts and ready-to-eat meals. The past few decades have seen an increased consumption of processed food as these are convenient food items and can be eaten when on the move. Scientists predict that increased trend of eating this may be risk and also cause early death due to chronic illnesses especially cardiovascular disease and cancer.

As per study, in the United States alone 61% of diet of adults is comprised of ultra-processed foods. Similarly, Canada has 62% of processed food diet and UK has 63% of processed food in diet.

The researchers experimented on 44,551 French adults for two years with an average age of 57. Out of these people 75% of the participants were women. As part of the experiment all of them were provided 24-hour dietary products for every 6 months along with questionnaires of various health factors. For the purpose of study, researchers calculated the overall dietary intake and consumption of the processed foods. Post analysis it was concluded that, 14% of the weight gain was owing to the food consumed which contributed to 29% of calories. Some of the other effects caused due to ultra-processed foods increased BMI and reduced physical activity. High intake of ultra-processed food was found among the younger generation, lower income and non-educated people and those who are living alone away from family. Ultra processed foods give the convenience of eating and saving time.

During the period of study there were 602 participants who died due to factors like smoking. Researchers stated that the changed lifestyle and eating habits were the main reason for the early deaths of the people.

Though the adverse effects of processed foods have been known since long, but a researched report is bound to be noticed more.