Milk is preferred by a number of people across the world as health beverages. Mostly in India, people like starting or ending their day with a glass of milk. Be it a small child or an adult, having milk on a routine basis is considered as a healthy custom. Also, Ayurveda considers milk as a solution for a wide range of health-related problems. Because of the presence of a group of nutrients, milk is also a complete meal in itself.

On the other hand, while it is loved as well as chosen in almost every house but there are also people who have lactose intolerance or in simple words are allergic to cow’s milk. Thus, there is a wide range of options available in the market for individuals who cannot have cow’s milk. Some of such alternatives have been mentioned below:

  • Hemp milk

Hemp milk consists of a number of nutrients including omega- 3 as well as iron that makes it a better option than other substitutes of milk available. It has got a very little amount of carbohydrate content plus has a thin runny constancy. If an individual is attempting to lose weight, so for them hemp milk needs to be their go-to beverage.

  • Almond milk

Almond milk is tasty as well as a healthy alternative to the usual dairy milk. It consists of a rich & creamy texture that is moderately heavy plus satiating for the tummy. It has got a sweet taste, also offers individuals with several vitamins such as vitamin E.

  • Rice milk

If someone is allergic to nuts as well as dairy products then they need to have rice milk in their go-to beverage. It is preeminent for the individuals who follow a vegan & gluten-free diet. Also, it consists a watery consistency plus is a little sweeter than the usual dairy milk. Thus, is also considered as the best option available to be used in smoothies or even shakes so as to add to their taste.

  • Coconut milk

Coconut milk has got a thick as well as rich consistency; it is also considered as a whole meal in itself owing to its high-calorie content. Besides, it is creamier than the usual dairy milk. Moreover, it is the best gluten-free as well as a nut-free substitute for the usual cow’s milk.

  • Soy milk

Soy milk is manufactured from the seeds of soybean, also is considered as a nutrients powerhouse mainly protein. It has the capacity of filling you up as well as provides enough energy that would keep you keep going for an entire day. It is widely available in all supermarkets.

  • Oats milk

Oats milk is also a healthier substitute for dairy milk. As this one consists of higher fiber content than the usual milk. It is made up utilizing a mixture of oats as well as water, therefore it also has a sweet taste. Oat milk might even be used for making ice creams or even smoothies tastier.