Measles is caused by the measles virus and are extremely infectious and dangerous for children but preventable with the use of vaccines. In developed countries, a measles vaccine is a part of the three important vaccines given to children after birth. The MMR vaccine is given to prevent measles, mumps, and rubella in children as a well-established infection does not have a defined cure. It can be controlled by over the counter fever reducers and even vitamin a helps. A recent report by WHO has revealed that the measles case rose by 300% all across the globe in the first quarter of 2019. This has given rise to many questions and concerns regarding vaccination and its effects.

Measles is curable through vaccines. It requires a two-step vaccination dose. Unfortunately, the rate and number of children not receiving vaccinations is increasing year by year. In 2015 the number of children under 2 years of age not vaccinated had quadrupled in the last 17 years. Also, analysis shows that of all the children born in the U.S 1.3 % did not receive any recommended vaccinations. All the countries around the world are facing a sudden measles outbreak and this problem needs a solution sooner than expected. In spite of a high number of measles cases found, only a handful are legally reported.


This year the number of cases reported to WHO were more than 100000 and came from 170 countries. Last year, 163 countries had reported nearly 28000 cases. The number has gone up extremely high and alarming everyone with health concerns. This sudden measles outbreak has given added momentum to the already debatable anti-vaccination movement. The supporters now seem unconvinced the idea of anti-vaccination. In the process of new reformations, people are forgetting the severity of these very infections especially, measles, mumps, and rubella.

Recently, due to the sudden outbreak of measles in some parts of Brooklyn, an emergency was declared by New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio. The infection spread amongst the orthodox Jewish community where there was a possibility of things getting escalated. In Madagascar since September, at least 800 children have died due to measles infection. This was nothing a result of malnutrition and poor vaccination rate. Google headquarters in California, has made the authorities warn the employees after another Google employee was diagnosed with measles infection. After it was discovered that two people from the Mountain County were diagnosed with measles, an email was sent by the staff doctor as a precautionary measure.