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Super Mario Bursts Into the Real World in Universal Park Launch

Universal Studio opens on Thursday its $550 million, Super Mario-themed Attraction park in a major leap by games maker Nintendo Co Ltd. He set out his goal to take Super Mario out of the virtual world to reality, which got delayed amid the Pandemic.

“You can become Mario,” Ayumu Yamamoto, vice president in USJ’s marketing department, told reporters at a press preview. USJ is owned by Comcast Corp.

Super Mario-themed Attraction, whose opening reportedly got delayed from last summer due to the pandemic, is sought to enrich in full flow in the Universal Studios. The visitors at the attraction can buy a $30 power-up band syncing with the park’s app to rank them which ascertains them to gather coins and defeat baddies.

What would the new draws at the Universal Park Launch mean for Nintendo’s Co. Ltd.? New draws could give the world a much-needed step up to reality rather than just experiencing the games virtually.  The new draws at Super Nintendo World include “Mario kart: Koopa’s challenge,” which employs augmented reality headsets into the mix.

The young visitors could unravel a whole new reality experience of the more sedate “Yoshi’s Adventure.” The reality experiences would provide Super Mario the much-needed exposure to bring back its Moto within the public. Along with the new set of battlegrounds being set up at USJ, we can foresee a huge development in reality games to limit the virtual games in the next few years.

The wristband draws on the interactive wands in the Harry Potter attraction and Nintendo’s tradition of tactile gaming gadgets and aims to capitalize on Mario’s generation-spanning appeal to drive repeat visits to the park.

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