A section of Swiggy food delivery executives in Kochi is complaining over a discount on payment scale. However, the executives say that the pay scale was changing without any information from the management. Scores of delivery executives are keeping away from the service due to the protest on Wednesday.

Around 200 delivery Swiggy executives took off from service disturbing the normal functioning of the online food delivery company that is very popular in Kochi.

Pay Scale Details:

According to the payment scale, the food delivery executive gets around Rs 25 for delivering food in 4 Km. They will get an additional amount of Rs 5 for each Kilometer.

However, as per the new pay scale, the least payment is Rs 25 for food delivery within 5 Km. Where the executives also say that the management of the company has taken away waiting for the charge for the executives.

“This new pay scale was brought by the company management from this Monday without any confirmation. However, this move also drastically decreases the payment we receive now,” a food delivery agent said. Though, the company has denied disturbance in services in Kochi.

“Swiggy’s delivery partner is a major part of our success and service in Kochi. It is our continuous endeavor to offer them with consistent incentives and payments.

We continue to be loyal to serving the city with a better food experience. However, offering stable earnings to our partners,” company’s spokesman says.

Industry sources claim, there has been no variation in the pay scale for food delivery executives in the previous months.

However, working for 12 hours per day use to raise the delivery executives 1000/-. Though, with the current changes, the workers will have to work at least 16 hours to get the same amount.

As per the company executives, the protest was their last explosion. “On Tuesday, some executives went to the management to give a letter mentioning our requirements. But the officials oppose to even accept the letter.