Adding new features to its online food delivery service, Swiggy has introduced a home-style meal subscription service ‘Swiggy Daily’. It aims people who are looking for an everyday home-style meal. However, the service enables users to schedule their meals in advance for a daily, monthly, or weekly subscription.

Thus, if the user doesn’t want scheduled food, the service lets the user pause, change, and cancel the meal. And it also customizes their subscription plan for further orders.

However, with a daily changing homestyle meal menu for lunch and dinner, the app offers 30 options for each meal. It will also offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for users. However, these meals will be prepared by home chefs, organize vendors, and tiffin service providers. Currently, the service is launching in Gurugram, however, the service will expand to Mumbai and Bangalore in the coming days.

The meal subscription app:

The app will now available to download on iOS and Android smartphones. Customers can opt for scheduling a meal or for a 3-day, week or a month on a subscription basis.

However, users could also opt for top-up a meal with add-ons such as sweets, beverages, roti, raita, or rice. These meals will range from Rs 50-150 with no delivery charges.

The daily meal will make food over cuisines such as Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Tamil available to users. This service will soon be expanded to include beverages, snacks, and cut fruit.

This service will comprise meal options from a mix of organizing vendors such as Lunch, Homely, iDabba, and Fig. However, to ensure reliability in services and quality, Swiggy has put together a checklist when onboarding new vendors daily.

They will make sure a mix of qualitative and quantitative hygiene checks from third-party vendors to ensure customers are worried about the food they order daily. However, as a promotional offer, the first order can get a 20% discount for the first month on the Daily app.