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Taco Bell fast-food chain is Short of Supplies

They’ve changed their slogan from “Live Mas!” to “Live Menos!” Taco Bell appears to be the latest fast-food chain to be affected by supply problems around the country. Due to national ingredient shortages and shipping delays, customers have been advised that the company, based in California, may be out of some dishes. It’s unknown which components have run out or how widespread the problem is, but hungry customers have noticed.

I’ve chosen to get my economic news only from drive-thru staff from now on after a Taco Bell employee told me there was a national shortage of everything right now. I just ate black beans in a hard shell, claimed a user from Michigan, whose Taco Bell was out of chicken and beef. It was not worthwhile. One Reddit user claimed that his local restaurant couldn’t produce any burritos because they were out of ten tortillas and that none of the tacos had lettuce or tomato.

I returned to the drive-through and inquired about it, and they informed me that they are out of almost everything that arrives fresh. Unfortunately, the chain didn’t provide any additional information, stating that some items may be temporarily unavailable due to nationwide transportation delays affecting the entire industry.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, and we look forward to satisfying fans’ present Taco Bell desires in the near future. The gastronomic cutback comes as the US faces a shortage of poultry due to pandemic safety precautions, as well as a surge in demand for many fast food restaurants’ recently announced fried chicken sandwiches, including KFC. In addition, due to an industry-wide supply constraint, Chick-fil-A announced in May that it would limit the number of condiments allowed for each client.

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