Taiwan’s richest man, as well as hopeful presidential candidate Terry Gou, told that he met American leader Donald Trump in the White House on 1st May (Wednesday). In meeting American leader warned Terry Gou that the job he is going for is “not easy”.

Gou is the head of Foxconn- a tech giant, made a proclamation previous month that he will be standing for a presidential election in upcoming January’s elections.

This 69-years-old business tycoon is looking for the appointment of the Beijing friendly Kuomintang (KMT) opposition party. However, his gigantic factories in the mainland have expressed concern over his coziness with Beijing.

A stream of politicians in Taiwan has beat a pathway towards Washington in past months. This is all in the hope to gather support in the island’s dispersion. Also, amongst influential officials of the US.

Nevertheless, only Gou has been able to secure a face-to-face meeting with Trump.

“If I am elected as the president of the Republic of China, I would be a peacemaker as well as won’t become a trouble maker. I would reinforce Taiwan and the US economically,” Gou communicated to the reporters in Washington after his meeting.

“We are given the utmost courtesy, (an invite) to Oval Office. Tell me till now which DPP official has such a competency?” he states, well ahead displaying reporters a coaster as well as pen stamped with Trump’s signature.