Currently, Telecom Regularity Authority of India (TRAI) introduced a new framework for the cable and DTH TV channels. According to the TRAI regulations, subscribers have to select the channels

That they want to watch and pay only for those selected channels. However, this is a great implementation, the plan has been quite confusing for a number of consumers. Also, the new DTH framework has raised the monthly bills because of the Network Capacity FEE (NCF).

Now, the leading broadcast provider Tata Sky and Sun Direct are trying to reduce the customers’ monthly bill by slashing the NCF charges.  Sun Direct has removed the same for all the TV channels. Ultimately, consumers can access the Free to Air (FTA) channels for Rs. 153/-, report stated. In addition, Tata sky and Sun Direct appears to have announced the same offer by NCF on chosen channels, the report said.

According to the new regularity, all DTH operators are now responsible to divide their pays into two parts such as content charge and network capacity fee. The 100 FTA channels base pack is priced at Rs. 130 and it includes network fee and content charges. Though, if extra FTA channels are subscribed by consumers, NCF of RS. 20/- is charged for a set of additional 25 channels.

As per the report, additional NCF fee has been removed by Dun Direct, so the subscribers can view more FTA channels as they wish to want for just Rs. 130.

The report also said that, Tata Sky has also cancelled the Network Capacity Fee for FTA channels. However, it is limited to select channels, above the pre-existing pack. You can get all details about Tata Sky’s FTA base pack on their own website.