Tata Consultancy Services on Monday declared a partnership with JDA Software, which is a top provider of retail solutions and end-to-end supply chain, to design next-generation comprehensive solutions, and deliver system integration and consulting services of global digital technologies, to enhance supply chain for consumers across the globe. TCS will build Cognitive Supply Chain Lab at Ohio, Cincinnati, and the U.S. Business Solution Lab to improve quick proofs of concepts.

These solutions will allow industries to connect the power of AI, ML, and cloud, letting them extend complete supply chain visibility and obtain prescribed recommendations to make predictable, profitable, accurate business decisions.

Several Businesses will get benefit from cloud-driven business models and real-time predictive analytics which helps to recognize outcome-based supply chain conversions across the globe.

“Combining TCS’ disruptive and advanced Business technologies with JDA’s retail solutions and supply

chain, we will together reinvent our consumers’ end-to-end supply chains by enabling them to satisfy product demands wisely, discover new business capabilities, models, and value propositions,” reported Raman Venkatraman, Global Head and Vice President, TCS.

The solutions will use TCS’ Machine-First delivery model to speed up a human-machine partnership to answer several business complications, quicker and better, providing multi-fold productivity developments and improving the consumer experience.

“The ability to move towards an autonomous business supply chain working collaboratively with Tata Consultancy Services and JDA offerings the opportunity to provide us the widespread supply chain discernibility we need” Carl Dawson, CIO, stated.

“TCS’ consumer-centric approach, deep contextual knowledge, and digital expertise line up our mission to enhance end-to-end supply chain by bringing prescriptive, predictive recommendations and insights that increase customer experience throughout our end-to-end business.” Mark Morgan, Chief Revenue Officer, JDA reported.