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Tech Field Updates about Today That Would Drive the Enthusiasts Crazy

On a day that has been far more eventful in the Tech Field, Google announces its upgrade to Google Meet, Amazon is bringing its palm scanner to Whole Foods and Microsoft. Google Meet is getting a number of updates including a new user interface that should make the controls more visible. Additional features that are bound to get integrated include, the ability to pin multiple feeds, auto-zoom, and background replacement, starting with just a few frames.

The news that we have gathered is that not all the updates are rolling out in one segment, and we see the company unleashing upgrades gradually in the upcoming months. Google in a statement said that the goal or the objective is to make online meetings more immersive, inclusive, and productive. The Google Meet platform has helped us during the lockdown in conducting remote work, meetings, and exams in our particular institutions.

But that’s not it for the trending news about the tech industry. There’s a lot to gather about Amazon. Amazon is bringing its Amazon OnePalm Scanner to select Whole Foods as a payment option. The Whole Foods customer could now scan their palm to pay for their purchases. Such a slick way, Amazon has delivered yet again!

Another quirky feature that has been added to the tech schema comes from Instagram. Instagram launches a tool to filter out abusive DMs based on keywords and emojis. It will also allow users to proactively block people for malicious comments and threatening abuses. It would be the same case if the people are trying to contact the person by making a new account. New accounts would get traced immediately and the users have the privilege to take coercive action if they feel that this is the way they want to engage into.

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