President of the United States, Donald Trump has been threatening to hit China with the tariffs.  That may perhaps be more than “not less than” nearly $300 billion worth good of China. However, he also says that he had held both China as well as Mexico desired to make deals within their disputes in terms of trade with the US.

Furthermore, pressures among these two biggest nations of the world have grown severely. Owing to the talks meant at ending-up a festering trade battle that was started in early May.

Although Trump states on 6th June that the discussions with China were continuing. There have been no confrontational meetings held between them, since May 10.  This was the day when he suddenly augmented tariffs of more than $200 billion goods of China to almost 25%. Moreover, encouraging Beijing to strike back.

“Our discussions with China, loads of interesting stuff has been happening. We will be observing what ensues… I possibly will go up and around another $300 billion. Also, I will do this whenever the time is right,” Trump states, devoid of identifying which goods may perhaps get affected.

“Nevertheless I ponder China desires to make an agreement as well as I ponder Mexico wishes to make a treaty badly,” says Trump. Prior to boarding the Air Force One at Irish airport of Shannon. In addition, on his way towards France for the honors of D-Day.

In Beijing, the Commerce Ministry of China collided with a rebellious tone. “If the US deliberately chooses to escalate the tensions, we will battle towards the end.” Voices the spokesperson of ministry-GAO Feng in a regular press conference.