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Tesla New Model S Plaid Bursts into Flames

Tesla Model S Plaid’s new model of 2021 caught fire on Tuesday night in Haverford, Pennsylvania. The fire chief informed that the driver was at the wheel.

Tesla commercialized the Model S Plaid, which is an electric car with high-performance in early June following the CEO announcement of commercialization of the car in February.  In response to the incident, Elon Musk explained that there were many challenges faced to develop of the battery and making sure that the battery of the newly launched S and X is safe.

Recalling the incident, the car’s attorneys revealed to a media agency that smoke started engulfing the back of the car. Seeing the smoke, he tried to unlock the car and forcefully opened the doors, and rescued from the car. The doors were unable to open as the locks were not functioning. After the way out of his vehicle, the car began to move automatically, and more flames engulfed the car.

Two crews were put in place to address the emergency. According to a news report, to fully extinguish the batteries of an e-vehicle, can take 25,000 gallons of water. In contrast, a typical car can take around 300 gallons of water to extinguish the fire.The relevant agencies have been directed to investigate the actual reasons for the fire and will be scrutinized for further study. If the investigation determines some defects or poses an inherent risk to safety, the NHTSA will take appropriate actions.

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