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The LG Rollable Phone not on Hold, says LG

A report in the Yonhap News stated LG had reportedly told suppliers that the LG Rollable phone had been put on hold. The report said they could request a refund from the company for their development efforts. After several such rumors, LG told The Verge that the company’s phone with a resizable screen had not been put on hold. An LG spokesperson said, “I can firmly deny that any such decision on future mobile products has been finalized.”

Although the spokesperson has denied the rumor, he did not reassure the people that the phone will be out in 2021. The company has made a final decision, however, with the pandemic, things are certain. Maybe there are uncertainties related to designing, shipping, manufacturing, and so on. The Yonhap News report could also be somewhere near the truth, for that matter.

In January, a report stated that LG was planning to exit the smartphone business, which the company firmly denied. Only after a Korean outlet TheElec, deleted the story, LG turned up and admitted that it was considering the smartphone market’s exit option. However, it also said that no final decision had been made regarding the phone yet.

There are chances the LG Rollable phone is put on hold to change the release date or re-engineer some part of the design. We need to understand that not every manufacturing change leads to cancellation. LG undoubtedly faces a hard time competing with smartphone makers like Samsung and Huawei.

Over the last five years, LG’s smartphone business has lost almost $4.5 billion. After all these hardships, the company seemed committed to making sure that the LG Wing is not its last unique phone. The future of the LG Rollable is uncertain, but the story is yet to begin.

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