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The Outbreak of the Coronavirus

The outbreak of the coronavirus was deadly and breathtaking in my ways. The perception regarding the consequences of the disease was appealing and debatable. According to various studies published, an intriguing theory came out where many people said that the antibodies of the seasonal coronavirus would swiftly bring the human population to combat the infection, but that was not the case!

The hypothesis was compelling: Children are less endangered to the novel coronavirus. As they have injected the antibodies to the distinctive coronavirus that causes the common cold. Contrarily, most of the infected people wondered why did the coronavirus have different impacts on different people, as some were mildly affected with fewer symptoms while others faced severe consequences.

The researchers from all around the world were assertive of this fact: “ We thought we would learn that the human population that had pre-existing antibodies before the pandemic against SARS-CoV-2 would be less ostentatious to infection and would not face dreadful reverberations due to the Covid-19 disease”, but that’s indeed not appeared to be true!

The pre-existing antibodies could not disarm the effects of the virus. They do not alleviate the severity of the infection; cross-reactive neutralizing antibodies are present at a higher level in kids as compared to adults. But it’s not necessary that these neutralizing antibodies would restrict the kids to infect the coronavirus disease.

The common cold disease is a different thesis altogether, and it can’t control the worldwide spread of the coronavirus infection. Different perceptions prevail in the psychological mind. But the foremost obligation is to be safe and follow the protocols to avoid inoculating this frightening disease. Let’s put our hands up and fight our way to combat the spread!

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