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The Overhauling Threat of Covid-19 Uncertain to Death Even After Months

According to a progressive study by the US experts, even after the Covid-19 pandemic itself becomes a thing of the past, it will leave its drastic impact on some proportion of people. One psychiatrist in January suggested that the repercussions could take generations to get past. Such has been the overhauling threat of Covid-19 in our lives, and it is far from over across various countries.

Significantly, a new study reveals that people who get infected by SARS-CoV-2 are likely to develop persistent health issues that will require long-term treatment after the pandemic has ended. Covid-19 pandemic is a protuberant enigma that will haunt our lives even if it ends causing long-term health-damaging issues. The report also suggests that eight extra will die per 1,000 people if they get the symptoms of clotting during Covid-19 infection. The number might seem irrelevant on a small scale, but if we emulsify the exponents nationwide, the loss of lives would be staggering.

That prominently means that it’s going to affect the brain through brain fog and memory problems. It can result in stroke and it can affect the heart, causing acute heart failure, acute coronary disease. “It can affect the liver. It can affect the kidneys. It can affect the clotting system and increases the risk of clotting, both in the legs and also the clots traveling into the lung.” Ziyad Al-Aly, chief of the research and development service at the St. Louis VA Medical Center in Missouri and leader of the study, told the news outlets.

The threat is surrounding those who had contracted mild symptoms of the virus and did not need severe hospitalization redemption. The shortness of breath is a tormenting issue that will prevail for ages, and there is an uncertainty to death that would procure and haunt us for the rest of our lives.

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