On the technological front, Apple, Inc. is known to be the largest companies of the United States. In 2018, it pioneered in achieving a valuation of $1 trillion. Though Apple maintained its substantial market capitalization in 2018, but the tech giant is losing due to slow-down sales of iPhone. Apple has declared it Q4 2018 earnings, which valued 462.9 billion in revenues, registered an increment of 20% from last year.

Apple is planning to have its $1 biliion headquarters in Austin, Texas. The campus is supposed to be 133-acre which will bring as many as 15,000 sales, customer support and engineering jobs to the city, making Apple to be the largest private employer in Texas. Besides that, Apple’s international and domestic expansion has made it most popular stocks of the contemporary market. On the daily basis, the value of average trading volume closes to 21 million shares.

Consequently, many current and former Apple executives are able to take the opportunity to amass sizable position and place in the company. Let’s take a closer look at the leading shareholders of Apple, Inc.

Arthur Levinson, Chairman of the Board

Arthur is positioned as the chairman of the board of company. He pursued his bachelor’s degree from University of Washington in Seattle. After that he headed to complete his Ph.D. in biochemistry, from Princeton University. Apart from being the current CEO of Calico, he is also the single-largest shareholder. He has been important part of Apple’s board of directors since 2000. In addition to that, he also serves on the board of a biomedical research center affiliated with Harvard and MIT, the Broad Institute. In Calico, he’s mainly involved in combating aging and related illness.

Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer

Tim Cook holds a position of current CEO of Apple and acclaimed to be the second-largest shareholder of the company. Before serving as CEO, he was Apple’s COO, managing international sales and operations. Before joining Apple, he was Vice President for Corporate Materials at computer distributor Compaq. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University. Then, he pursued his MBA from Duke University.

Craig Federighi, Senior VP

Company’s third-largest shareholder is Craig Federighi. He is positioned as Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering. His role encompasses supervising development of OS X, iOS and company’s common OS with an ardent team of engineers. Federighi and his team delivers the software that powers Apple’s product line, starting from user interface to application programming. Before joining Apple, he worked under Steve Jobs’ NeXT as senior vice president. He has earned bachelor’s degree in CS and master’s degree in EE, from the University of California, Berkeley.