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The UK Scored the Last Position in Water Quality in Europe

This summer, swimmers in the UK hope to enjoy waters qualified and certified as clean and healthy, but they have been disappointed again. Only 110 seaside and domestic sites were judged to be excellent in the latest bathing water quality data from Europe’s environmental watchdog.

However, a large number of the UK bathing sites were not even classified in 2020 because Covid-19 restrictions disallowed the process and the sampling. This implies, of the total, almost 640 sites, 457 have received no judgment in the rankings, which are compiled yearly by the European Environment Agency and were published on Tuesday. Twelve sites where a verdict could be brought up were found to be poor, and 29 were of appropriate quality, and 32 were judged as good.

The lack of data listed the UK at the bottom of the European league table. It has been resembled only by Poland, where only 22% of sites were rated to be excellent in the ranking of a total of 31 countries of the EU member state along with Albania and Switzerland. The remaining 29 countries all had a minimum of 50% of the bathing sites checked and were classified as being of excellent quality. And for the greater majority of 24 countries, the figure was at least 70%.

The data estimated in 2020 will be the last one to include the UK into the list. The UK has performed badly in improving the bathing water quality for years while regularly making appearances around the bottom of the table. On the other hand, other countries, including the eastern European states, have made remarkable improvements.

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