The Trump government is recommending a hike in the application fee of the H-1B visa. This is to upsurge capital for the development of a learner program that trains the youth of America in activities related to technology, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta voiced lawmakers of the US.

Affirming prior a Congressional committee over a yearly budget of the Department of Labor for the financial year 2020 opening October 1, 2019, Acosta. Nevertheless, it didn’t provide particulars of the recommended rise in H-1B filing fee, also regarding which classifications of candidates it might be imposed on.

However given historical experience, Indian IT firms that account for a huge number of applications for H-1B, are probable to face added financial burden.

The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that permits the companies of the US companies to hire overseas employees in forte occupations that need theoretical or else technical proficiency. The tech companies depend upon it to employ tens of thousands of employees every year from countries such as India & China.

Disagreeing that outsiders hurt American labors by competing in terms of jobs & bringing down salaries, Trump government has tightened up the noose for the H-1B visa program. The Seattle Times on Monday stated that previous year officials of immigration denied almost 1 out of every 4 requests for fresh visas for skillful overseas workforces.

In the Fiscal year 2020, the budget of the Department includes almost $160 million to carry on our development of traineeship programs, with an offer to upsurge revenues from the H-1B fee. In order to finance added traineeship activities, Acosta voiced in his verification on May 2.