In medical terms, the diaphragm, which is located between the lungs and stomach, works by pulling up and down during inhalation and exhalation.

At instances, certain things irritate the diaphragm leading it to spasm, it pushes to suck air suddenly hitting your voice box. But, sometimes, there are ‘things’ that irritate the diaphragm and it can spasm, further causing an inflow of air in the throat and hitting the voice box. This sudden impact closes the vocal cords and further generates a sound like Hic, this is popularly known as hiccups.

Hiccups are natural as per medical records, let’s take a look at some of the reasons

Filled stomach

When you eat more than what your stomach can digest hiccups happen. A large amount of food also leads to distension. Another reason is the speed with which you eat the food without chewing it properly.

Emotional changes

Often, for those who are emotional in nature, it causes hiccups. Emotional changes and upset like excitement, anger, stress and other similar factors.

Change in oesophagus temperature

The temperature change in your oesophagus also causes hiccups. In the event of eating or drinking of something extremely cold or hot it causes irritation and leads to hiccups.

Dry foods

When you eat any dry food like bread or spicy foods like chilies. It irritates the back of your throat often causing irritation on the back of your throat.


Drinking a lot of alcohol also causes hiccups. Beer contains carbon and leads to stomach distension further causing irritation in your esophagus and causing hiccups.

The solution

As per experts, there is no proven method to stop hiccups. It is often a trial and run method, which includes drinking lots of water, holding your breath for 15-20 seconds, eating sugar and so on.