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A New Theory behind Dinosaur Extinction by Harvard University

What killed Dinosaur? The theory prevailing about the extinction of dinosaurs was that an asteroid hit the Planet. The asteroid is said to have come from the belt between Mars and Jupiter. This asteroid is said to have wiped out most of the life on the Planet.

In the latest research by Harvard University, a new theory of extinction of dinosaur has been developed. According to this theory, it was not the relatively nearby asteroid that caused the devastation, but something farther. A long-distance comet from the edge of the solar system, an area known as the Oort cloud, is believed to be the reason.

The theory says Jupiter’s gravity pulled this incoming comet into an orbit very close to the Sun. The tidal forces of the Sun might have caused the comet to break apart. Only a few fragments of this comet entered Earth’s orbit, causing the damage.

The theory also states large craters like the Chicxulub crater were also caused by the impact of the fragments of the comet. It is likely that these craters are made of a primitive material of the solar system, dating back to the beginning, ‘carbonaceous chondrite’.

“Jupiter acts as a kind of pinball machine”, says Amir Siraj. He is a Harvard student who co-authored the paper with Prof Avi Loeb. This theory has astounded the entire scientific community. They are also being criticized. A planetary scientist from Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Bill Bottke, told The New York Times, “I believe their work has several intrinsic problems.”

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