Zurich is known for its food scene as well financial centers. An ideal day in the region would include suited bankers strolling across the town for some favored traditional cuisine. However this has changed recently and the city has grown its culinary cred and is growing as one of the Europe’s hottest food destinations.

The market growth is due to various chefs that are trying to make their mark in the city. The efforts taken to revitalize by the government authorities have succeed in making Zurich a culinary mecca.

Zurich recently opened an eatery in the middle of the old town and is housed in a building erected during the 1837. Motivated by the structure the owners have include only those dishes in the menu which contain ingredients available before 1837 i.e. industrialization. No form of processed food is used and served in this eatery, thus giving the age-old trusted ingredients a modern rebirth.

Another such unique restaurant is the Artisan, here the line between art and food is deliciously blurred. The menu is created to reflect and emphasis on crafted with care, locally sourced and handmade provisions. For example, the restaurant uses potatoes from an organic producer and meat from Wurstmacher, just at the outskirts of the city. It serves the customer wine which is produced through a biodynamically process.

Maison Manesse has all you expect at a Michelin-starred restaurant formal atmosphere, white tablecloths, and overly coordinated service. A relaxed and jolly place that serves high cuisine with a smile, this what the co-owner Fabian Spiquel believes in. He wants her guests to enjoy eating the food as he had while making it. The menu includes dishes that can be relished over a lavish spread of six- tasting menu or select from à la carte menu.

Frau Gerolds Garten the where you get the best of creative and quirky food in Zurich. This place is an all in one destination with garden, restaurant and bar all together at one place. It’s like your pleasant neighborhood is hosting a flea market along with a garden party with a bohemian theme as décor. The place is scenic and beautiful to the core and tends to captivate the visitors. Situated in the heart of the city the place tries to balance and maintain its industrial roots with awesome food. At nighttime it is a popular place to enjoy drinks with friends. However during the winters, the owner makes a make-shift pop-up chalet with fireplace and is extremely cozy. It gives the guests warmth and helps them in enjoying the Swiss food: ooey-gooey cheese fondue.

Visualize that your neighborhood is hosting a flea market and has decided to throw a garden party along with it. The décor is same as bohemian grandmother would do and get ready to be captivated with the beauty of the spot. Located at the center of the town it has extensive space and is surrounded by large shipping containers and a rooftop bar that overlooks the train station.

Another fascinating place that should be a must visit is Fabian Fretz, in the place the concept of garden moniker is taken extremely seriously. Almost quarter of the property is dedicated to lush green space and results in food coming directly to your plates.