As we step into 2019, there are many expectations and hopes set across with respect to innovations in healthcare sector. Listed below are 06 innovations that would make the healthcare industry better and for the betterment of the patients.

1. Alternative Therapy for Pain:
Globally chronic pain is the leading cause of opioid prescription in spite of the considerable number of alternative therapies. Pharmacofenomic testing is a procedure that might help in reducing the harmful side effects and provide effective medications. The use of pharmacogenomics testing are more precise and doesn’t have adverse reactions causing use of effective medications. This also might com useful in prediction of pain bearing levels of patients when consuming certain amount of analgesic medicines. Furthermore, it is widely used in genetic testing and precision medicine to help end crisis.

2. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare:

There was a time when artificial intelligence was considered threat to the future. The Advent of AI in Healthcare has led to more support in decision making and image analysis along with study of patient triage. With the use of artificial intelligence physicians can take proper decisions and at the same time provide accuracy of viewing of scans. They help physicians in identify the areas of treatment quickly.

3. Identify stroke symptoms faster:
Strokes normally don’t happen suddenly, it is due to a long duration of lack of blood flow. It often causes prolonged illness and might lead to disability. Till now, these symptoms are identified at a very small window before the stroke with limited time period to act upon. Hence the need to identify these symptoms much before the actual event to avoid harmful health after-effects.

4. Immunotherapy for cancer treatment:
With the help of immunotherapy the body uses its own immune system to fight cancer and recover. Though it is existing and being used since some time, globally efforts are taken to find new was for working of immunotherapeutic procedures. Research and work is going on to identify new cancer treatments and concepts. With the new immunotherapeutic targets it is expected that effective therapies will soon exist for all tumor profiles.

5. Virtual Reality for Medical Education:

Virtual and mixed reality use various computer technologies to create real life experience in hybrid environments. These real like features help healthcare professionals to sharpen their skills, it is popularly used for medical education and programs that provide training by creating a simulation. It is widely preferred as opposed to traditional schooling in the healthcare industry.

6. Innovation in Robotic Surgery
Surgeries today are small and have the least human intervention. The use of surgical methods has happened due to implementation of robotics. Surgeons are assisted by robots in the surgery room and ensure maximum precision by providing constant guidance to them. There is a lot of advancement in the surgical procedures and there are used for simple to complex procedures. Reduced recover time and very less post-surgery pain are few of the benefits that the patients have experienced. Growing innovations in the field has helped in increased number of effective surgeries and improved results in surgical procedures.
These are some of the innovations that might benefit the healthcare market in the year of 2019.