Chicago has a well-known city for a deep-dish pizza, beef sandwiches, and other culinary concoctions. From better coffee to healthy vending machine options, the city is now hothouse for growing food companies.

Here are the top four hottest startups in Chicago:
  • Farmer’s Fridge

Tired of candy bars and potato chips from vending machines? So, Farmers Fridge is trying to shift that by renovating old machines with healthy options like sandwiches, salads, and trail mix. However, the item costs between $5 to $8 and is supplied daily to ensure freshness. Hence, the company now has around 250 machines in Milwaukee and Chicago. It is available in airports, hospitals, and retail locations such as pharmacies and convenience stores.

Saunders launch Farmer’s Fridge in the year 2013. However, in September, the company grew $30 million in a Series C round.

  • BrewBike

BrewBike has two retail locations in Chicago city. In September, the company raised a US$800,000 seed around to improve operations. Major investors include Matt Matros, the founder of Limitless Coffee, and Chicagoans Mats Lederhausen, owner of the investing platform BE-CAUSE.

  • Vital Proteins

Kurt Seidensticker’s comprises training NASA spacemen to function space shuttles, currently working at Motorola. He is also the owner of Vital Proteins. The company sells dietary supplements and also drinks with collagen, the major structural protein in skin, bones, and hair. The product-containing collagen- collagen creamers, infused water, and bone broth collagen powder has grown popularity since 2014.

Currently, Vital Protein having around 10,000 stores across the city. It includes whole Foods & Target, as per Crain’s Chicago Business. However, popular dietary trends assist growing its business, the company got an additional boost this month from the declaration of the partnership with Kourtney Kardashian’s e-commerce and lifestyle site, Poosh.

  • Fooda

Fooda works with restaurants to bring pop-up sites to corporate buildings. The main aim is to give workers more options and diminishes the time they waste for searching the snacks.