Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the platform where the whole world gathers and it is for those who grow well on the business of customer technologies. It has been a demonstrating ground for innovators of technologies for about 50 years and where the next-generation inventions are given an opportunity to market and promote. It showcases the companies involving the developers, manufacturers, suppliers of content, consumer technology hardware and technology delivery system. This is the annual trade show which is one of the largest show held in Las Vegas in January. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an important feature on the chart of technology. In the year 2018, total 180,000 people and near about 4500 industries came together in Las Vegas to present their new inventions at 3,000,000 square foot of the space for exhibition.

Artificial Intelligence: The universal trend at consumer electronics shows 2019 was artificial intelligence. The show was occupied with artificial intelligence focused chips and processors, with companies utilizing the kit to implant artificial intelligence in products to improve the experience of the user. For example, TV sets mostly using AI to change the settings of the picture on the basis of the conditions of light and AI used in cameras to monitor the quality of the picture. Digital assistants are moving into many vessels. Soundbars, cars, TV sets and laptops presented at CES have google assistants or Amazon Alexa. The propagation of these AI helpers have started to transform into a traditional way of working with the devices.

Resilient Technologies: A comprehensive but different category to evolve at CES 2019 was resilient technologies. Various smart cities without flexibility are susceptible – to earthquakes, tsunamis or cyber-attacks. This is referred to the Best Innovation for which it got an award. This technology is useful in creating water from the air as well.

Augmented Reality: Augmented reality was trending for a while. This technology is shifting towards B2C product from B2B product where companies are getting involved to make the customers experience better for augmented reality. Vuzix and Lenovo displayed their headsets, where other companies presented “smart mirrors” for shopping. Now you don’t have to try the same clothing with different colors, the mirrors can easily switch the color. Interesting, isn’t it?

5G: The change from 4G to 5G sounds like an iterative enhancement, but the situation is very different. Recently it is said that: “ Every generation of mobile network so far, involving 4G, is about connecting people. And though 5G will be designed for connecting people, it will be regarding connecting things.” The possibilities of 5G are greater capacity, lower latency and greater speed that can function as the central nervous system of this new technological world.

8K: Consumer electronics these days is about 8K and brands like Samsung are trending in forefront. Nowadays, 4K has just rolled out and the eye of the human has the hard job of detecting the difference in resolutions greater than 4K. The overall size of the image in 2009 was 36 inches and in 2019 it is 48 inches.