The ongoing shutdown against President Donald Trump’s administration evidently shows that there is not much scope for compromise in the standoff over the funding issue for a border wall. This is the third government shutdown that Trump’s administration has faced during his tenure. Furthermore, in case Trump does back off then his narrow focus to support his ardent supporters might take a backlash.

At this time some of the powerful republicans who are also allies in Washington are supporting the demand of USD 5.7 billion funding for the wall. The democrats are assured about the fact that they are on solid ground by refusing to bend, this is due to the growing skepticism about Trump’s case for the wall.  The stage is set for an extended political gridlock that has economic livelihoods of around 800,000 federal workers. However, the question is the impact of the government shutdown on government services and the issues being faced by struggling federal employees will lead to republican lawmakers to break from the president or will force the democrats to budge. Till then, owing to the dispute both the parties are getting a taste of divided government as they face the test of trading the blame, at the same time managing their messages and maintain a balance between competing political wings.

The U.S. President, Trump is currently focusing majorly on his conservative base and is supporting development of the wall that was the symbolization towards his promise for a strict stand against immigration. Experts in the sectors have clearly mentioned “it’ll not help if he backs down”, as this was one of the major reasons why he was elected. The same is also agreed by many of the aids from the White House.

Recently, the team had white house had urged the president to be more aggressive and make the public aware, as the topic is a political winner. However, several studies have led to the conclusion that illegal immigration has no impact on the crime rate of a country. The President has been constantly highlighting the crimes committed by the migrants and is hoping that implementation of the wall, would help to reduce the same.

The White House is still looking for an option that is a compromise and beneficial to all, these options might not be as lucrative as they appear. The consequences of this could be declaring of a national emergency or using funds from some other department.

Luntz, a Trump critic, however says that, trump isn’t boxed in as in spite of having only 38% probability, he still won the elections.