President Donald Trump had always been criticized India’s “huge tariffs” over American paper products & the iconic Harley-Davidson bikes. Since the United States had been losing billions of dollars to regions such as China, India and Japan.

Trump had addressed in a Republican political session help in Wisconsin state’s Green Bay city on Sunday. There he held that every single country has been ripping off America for a number of years.

The President has constantly affirms that India is a “tariff king” as well as levies “tremendously high” tariffs over American merchandise.

“For several decades we’ve been losing hundreds of billions US dollars to China, Japan & India. But will not lose anymore,” he voiced to his supporters.

He said that the United States imposed with high tariffs for international paper products.

“We levies zero tariffs over international paper products to several countries, however when Wisconsin paper firms export it globally. China imposed us huge tariffs, India imposed us big tariffs, Vietnam imposed us big tariffs,” Trump states.

India is demanding exemption from the excessive duty imposed by the United States over a few products of steel & aluminum. Moreover, resumption of export remunerations to some of the domestic products within the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) programme, superior market entrance for its products from automobile, agriculture, automobile constituents plus engineering segments.

However, the United States is demanding superior market entrance via a cutting down import duties for its agriculture merchandises, medical devices, dairy products, IT & communication items. India has specified that it might be challenging for them to cut duties over the products of IT.

India’s exports to the United States in 2017-18 was noted at almost USD 47.9 billion, whereas imports were recorded somewhere at USD 26.7 billion. Thus, trade balance is perhaps in favor of India.