United States President Donald Trump reported that sending the US troops to Venezuela was “an option” as number of Western countries to increase the pressure on communist leader Nicolas Maduro to give the power to opposition leader and self-announced president Guaido.

The US, Canada, and various Latin American nations have denied President Nicolas Maduro over his doubtful re-election previous years and accepted Guaido as the capable leader of the economically concerned OPEC nation.

Nicolas Maduro however still preserves the powerful support of China, Turkey, and Russia, whose foreign minister stated on Sunday that Western interfering was increasing Venezuela’s worries and demanding millions of its people.

In an interview Trump restated that the military intervention was an option, adding that Nicolas Maduro wished a meeting before a month. “I have turned it down due to we were very faraway in the procedure.” He said on a CBS.

Austria and France said on Sunday they would endorse Juan Guaido if Nicolas Maduro did not answer to the European Union’s demand for a fair and free presidential election.

The Trump’s administration last week delivered crippling agreements that are expected to further weaken the nation’s struggling oil industry.

While that could weaken Nicolas Maduro, it possibilities also worsening Venezuela’s economic downfall. Venezuela is suffering drug shortages, hyperinflation, and malnutrition that has encouraged millions to relocate in recent years.

Juan Guaido said his supporters in a main rally on Saturday that he would declare when they would look to get in worldwide humanitarian aid from Brazil, Colombia, and a Caribbean island.