The social media platform Twitter has decided to stop reporting monthly active users after the user count has fallen for 3 quarters. The move, will begin from the next quarter, was declared in Twitter’s latest report.

Twitter Inc. stated that, it’s monthly active users dropped due to its current campaign of removing a number of abusive accounts after noticed that it was being used for political advertisements and hate speech.

According to IBES data, Twitter said the total revenue of the current quarter is expected to be between US$ 715 million and US$ 775 million. The average of that range was below forecasters’ average estimate of US$765 million.

The company reported its expected 24% raise in 4th quarter revenue, aided by progress in its Video Advertising business. Total revenue raised to US$909 million in the quarter, thrashing the approximation of US$868.2 million.

Entire video advertising revenue raised 23% to US$ 791 million. And half of that revenue comes from video ads hired by commercial clients. Revenues from other sources such as data licensing and non-advertising businesses raised 35% from a year previous to US$ 117 million.

Eliminating some items, Twitter stated a quarterly income of 31% share, thrashing the average estimate of 25%.

The average number of daily active users revealed to twitter ads, a new average revealed by the company, raised to 126 million in the 4th quarter from US$ 115 million last year and 124 million in the preceding quarter.

Twitter reported, the monthly active users are 321 million, but it dropped from 330 million a previous year and 326 million in the 3rd quarter. “After the recent quarter it would stop revealing monthly active users, a figure that has become average amid internet companies over the previous decade.

Twitter Inc. stated it expects operating expenditure to increase near around 20% year-on-year in 2019 because of the efforts to develop its service, above predictors’ average estimate of 12 %. It expects capital expenses to be between $550 million to $600 million.