On 13th May (Monday) 2 oil tankers of Saudi are getting damage. The occurrence happened on 12th May (Sunday) in a sabotage attack, says Energy Minister of Saudi Arabia Khalid al-Falih.

The incident took place off the Fujairah coast. A portion of the United Arab Emirates, intimidating the safety of oil supplies globally.

One amongst the 2 vessels was on its way to be laden with the crude oil of Saudi from the Ras Tanura port.

4 commercial vessels are targeting via“sabotage operations”. Nearby international waters of the United Arab Emirates without having casualties. It provided no specifics of the nature of the sabotage.”

The officials of Emirati have refused to provide the details on the nature of the sabotage. Or even to state that who would have been accountable. Nevertheless, the reports derived as the United States has cautioned boats that “Iran or its proxies” would be targeting maritime traffic within the region, as well as since America is positioning an aircraft carrier & B-52 bombers towards the Persian Gulf so as to counter supposed threats from Tehran.

Tensions have augmented within the year as President Donald Trump pulled out the United States from the nuclear deal of 2015 between Iran & world powers, reinstating sanctions from America that have strapped the economy of Iran into crisis.

The previous week, Iran cautioned it might initiate elevating uranium at greater levels in almost 60 days. If world powers are unsuccessful in negotiating fresh terms for the contract.

Highlighting regional risk, the general-secretary of the 6-nation Gulf Cooperation Council. They have been designating the supposed sabotage as a “serious escalation” in an instantaneous statement.